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Let us help you lead well in relationships, work, community and life.  

We have decades of experience supporting organizations in gaining clarity, aligning people, mobilizing minds and building success teams and organizations.  

Our Becoming A Talent MagnetTM solutions are designed based on three key pillars with seven areas of focus.   


Creating a culture where your people are aligned, feel valued, and enabled to bring and be at their best is up to you and your leadership. 


We define culture by the thousands and thousands of interactions your people have every day with your organization. Our solutions ensure you maximize these interactions, enhancing your overall performance as a team.


Ensuring that your organization's strategy is clear and understood has never been more important. We can guide you in aligning your purpose, mission, and core values with your strategic goals and vision. 

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Faculty Advisors Who Create Impact

Our faculty is the best of the best. We have experienced, witnessed, or meticulously vetted the impact they have made over time in organizations and in leadership.

Julie Bauke

Executive Career Strategist

Julie helps senior level professionals plan their professional path and get more out of their career.

Erin Bledsoe

Strategic Talent and Long-Term Planning Advisor

Erin delivers results with a keen ability to align business strategy with people-centered systems.

Don Frericks

Executive Coach Specializing in C-Suite Teams

Don helps good leaders become outstanding through rapid leadership development coaching.

Pam Gilchrist

Executive Communications Coach and Brand Strategist

Pam helps organizations close the results/strategy gap with effective communication planning and strategies.

Brenda Gumbs

Executive Coach Specializing in Strategic Organizational Mentoring

Brenda helps leaders facilitate organizational mentoring strategies.

Elyse Jarard

Executive Coach Specializing in Preventing and Overcoming Burnout

Elyse coaches high achievers who need to find a new balance in work, health, and life.

Mike Glenn

Executive Coach and Organizational Development Strategist

Michael is an executive coach with extensive experience in executive onboarding, succession planning, organizational design, change management and strategic planning. 

Chris Halter

Culture and Planning Strategist

Chris helps leaders assess, build and optimize engaged cultures.  He has expertise in conflict management training and resolution.

Priya Klocek

Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Strategist

Priya is an expert at helping organizations create diverse and inclusive work environments.

Todd Markle

Candidate Experience Planning and Strategist

With 20+ years of HR leadership experience, Todd provides solutions to aquisition challenges.

Andy Foerster

Employee Engagement Strategist

Andy specializes in development and implementation of leadership principles that drive better employee engagement.

Tommie Lewis

Inclusion and Corporate Culture Strategist

Tommie provides inclusion strategy solutions to large for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Elaine Suess

Executive Coach Specializing in Executive Performance and Team Development

Elaine specializes in helping leaders achieve positive, lasting growth for themselves and their organizations.

Chris Taylor

Organizational Effectiveness Strategist

Chris is an expert in enhancing results-driven organizational growth.

Dr. Janet Reid

Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Strategist

Janet serves a select group of forward-leaning clients whose growth is dependent upon retaining world-class leaders who value diversity and inclusion.

Robin Throckmorton

Human Resource Strategist

Robin is a seasoned HR outsourcing provider with over 25 years experience in helping organizations with all needs relating to human resources.

Mehmet Yuksek

Business Strategist

Mehmet is a globally seasoned business leader helping organizations in strategy development and effective executions. 

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