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Create a sustainable and actionable talent strategy 

Why Talent Magnet InstituteTM?

The Talent Magnet Institute supports leaders who know in order to lead well, they must invest in themselves and those around them, enable their people to perform at their best and create clarity across their entire organization

The Talent Magnet Institute serves as an advisor, guide and partner to leaders from across the world. 

Who are we?

Hello! I am Mike Sipple, Jr., Co-Founder and CEO of the Talent Magnet InstituteTM.  My dad, Mike Sipple Sr., and I, laid the foundation for the Talent Magnet Institute in 2000.  We continued to build on that foundation as we ran Centennial Inc., our busy executive search business.  In 2017, our clients and advisors encouraged us that the time was now to take our practices, solutions and models to leaders and customers in unique and focused ways. We made The Talent Magnet InstituteTM an official legal entity and are now bringing our proven talent solutions to leaders and their teams.  We have assembled the best organizational and leadership consultants that we have partnered with in the past or meticulously vetted.  Together, we are focused on and dedicated to helping leaders lead themselves and their teams well.

The Talent Magnet Institute’sTM mission is to develop leaders and organizations into “talent magnets.” What is a talent magnet? A talent magnet is a growth-minded leader who has a desire to be proactive in the way they attract, recruit, on-board, develop and retain their people. We partner with these leaders--who know the opportunity that exists when you create, align and engage your entire organization with a clear and focused strategic plan. These leaders understand that corporate purpose, mission, core values and strategy are amplified when employees believe in the organization.

Aligning your people and organization has never been more important. Let us come alongside of you and your organization with our proprietary Becoming A Talent MagnetTM solutions.

Meet Our Faculty and Advisors

Focused on leadership, culture and strategy, these professionals can coach, facilitate and help you lead your organization to efficiently meet your goals.

Julie Bauke

Executive Career Strategist

Erin Bledsoe

Strategic Talent and Long-Term Planning Advisor

Doug Bolton

Talent Magnet Institute Advisor

Don Frericks

Executive Coach Specializing in C-Suite Teams

Pam Gilchrist

Executive Communications Coach and Brand Strategist.

Michael Glenn

Executive Coach and Organizational Development Strategist

Andy Foerster

Leadership Effectiveness Strategist

Brenda Gumbs

Executive Coach Specializing in Maximizing Organizational Mentoring

Elyse Jarard

Executive Coach Specializing in Preventing and Overcoming Burnout

Chris Halter

Culture and Planning Strategist

Priya Klocek

Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Strategist

Todd Markle

Candidate Experience Planning and Strategist

Meredith Meyer

Talent Magnet Institute Advisor

Todd Pfister

Talent Magnet Institute Advisor

Dr. Janet Reid

Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Strategist

Mike Sipple Jr.

Founder of the Talent Magnet Institute and Talent Magnet Institute Advisor

Mike Sipple Sr.

Talent Magnet Institute Advisor

Elaine Suess

Executive Coach Specializing in Executive Performance and Team Development

Chris Taylor

Organizational Effectiveness Strategist

Robin Throckmorton

Human Resources Strategist

David Velie

Talent Magnet Institute Advisor

Mehmet Yuksek

Planning and Organizational Strategist

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