Fear in the C-Suite: How To Quell Fears of Failure Within a Superhero Culture

by Elyse Jarard

The fear that grips so many CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives and high-achievers is the fear of being found out (a subset of all three in some way). I call it the fear of being “outted” (FOBO). This fear, at its root, is about being “found out” that we are human. We all have insecurities and weaknesses; however, our society has created a paradigm of success and leadership as an illusion of super humanness. There is no room for failure, struggle, and...

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Are You Over-Reaching or Over-Training?


What is that mistake that no one ever wants to make, but frequently does?


Whether you are an office warrior or an elite athlete, to stay on top of your game, you must be careful to not over-train.

First, it’s important to understand the difference between over-reaching vs. over-training. It’s okay to over-reach.  It’s not okay to over-train.

Over-reaching is a concept from sports performance. It is where athletes strive to be.  When an athlete is over-reaching, they are growing, getting stronger, and–outperforming everyone else. Over-reaching athletes befuddle their competitors, who are left in the dust, wondering how that athlete is getting it done.   It’s fun and...

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What Does “Becoming a Talent Magnet” Mean? Keys To Boost Your Business

Mike Sipple, Jr.

Here at The Talent Magnet Institute, we throw around these terms everyday, however, many leaders have not considered deeply how much their talent affects their organization’s bottom line.  But it does, big time. 

Your business might be making some product that goes on a shelf, or you may provide a service that helps people and organizations be better.  However, as a Leader in your organization your business is people. Period.  

People drive everything about your business.  Also called “talent,” the people who work inside your business hold the key to your sales, your customer experiences, and how well your business runs overall.  Most leaders understand this from a bird’s eye view, but many do not understand how to OPTIMIZE their talent for global success of a company.  

This is what we mean when we ask “Are you a talent magnet?”

Leaders from all over the world ask often, ...

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