Talent Tip: When Does The Recruiting Process Start?

by Mike Sipple, Jr.

“When should we start our organization’s executive search & recruiting process?”

This question seems like a no-brainer.  Most people would answer it by saying, "When we have an opening," however, that attitude is reactive, will set up an organization for an expensive and many times unfruitful search.  Here's why...

  • Recruiting is part of an active process that is developing every moment of every day.  Who comes to work for you and their experience while at your organization "speaks" to potential candidates.  Your "employment brand" (what you represent as an employer) is perpetually communicating the value you place on:
    • The people who make up your organization
    • The culture of your workplace
    • The purpose you serve in the marketplace and the customer you serve.
  • In order to recruit the right people for your organization, you need to know WHO the right people are.   Most organizations recruit for "the best...
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