The 3 pillars to creating a workplace where people LOVE to work?

We have all seen it, and if we are lucky, you have experienced it first hand:  an amazing work place where employees are engaged, fulfilled, feel valued and emotionally safe; where everyone is working toward a common goal.  It's like a boat with all the oars rowing at the same pace, in the same direction.  

What is the secret to creating an organization like this?  On the outside, it seems as though its a generational thing, or that someone in the company simply tapped into a way to have fun at work, like adding ping pong tables.  But, the desired result is much more involved and more importantly, intentional.  

We call this being a "Talent Magnet" TM.  Everyone wants to work for you.  How do you create such an atmosphere?  

It takes 3 pillars: Leadership, culture and planning.  

Never be fooled by the sense of ease of the "Best Place To Work" winners.  They have planned out very purposefully how they want their workplace...

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What Does “Becoming a Talent Magnet” Mean? Keys To Boost Your Business

Mike Sipple, Jr.

Here at The Talent Magnet Institute, we throw around these terms everyday, however, many leaders have not considered deeply how much their talent affects their organization’s bottom line.  But it does, big time. 

Your business might be making some product that goes on a shelf, or you may provide a service that helps people and organizations be better.  However, as a Leader in your organization your business is people. Period.  

People drive everything about your business.  Also called “talent,” the people who work inside your business hold the key to your sales, your customer experiences, and how well your business runs overall.  Most leaders understand this from a bird’s eye view, but many do not understand how to OPTIMIZE their talent for global success of a company.  

This is what we mean when we ask “Are you a talent magnet?”

Leaders from all over the world ask often, ...

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