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Virtual Interview Techniques to Attract Top Talent

In this day and age, everyone needs to get creative when it comes to hiring the best talent. Not only are more workplaces going remote, but the interview process is also going virtual as well. A desire to attract the best employees for your workforce hasn’t fallen by the wayside just because the methods are changing. 

So how do you attract top talent through your interview techniques? Keep reading to see how.

Talk Openly

A main goal of the interview process should always be to get to know your candidate, and that starts with an actual, open conversation. Interviewing isn’t just about seeing if someone is the right fit for your organization but if your organization is a good fit for them. The only way to determine both of those things is to be open and honest.

The last thing you want is for a candidate to be excited about the job only to find out later it wasn’t the right fit. Then, you are back at square one in the hiring process. An honest and open...

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