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Leaders partner with us because they care about their people.


We have decades of experience supporting organizations all over the world in gaining clarity, aligning their people, mobilizing minds, and building successful teams and organizations.

Here at Talent Magnet Institute we provide:

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Actionable Tools + Resources

to help you and your organization stay on top of the ever-changing workplace and economy.

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Development of Leaders 

preparing you to navigate through challenges and help you successfully tackle the obstacles every leader faces.

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Long-Term Solutions

to guide you to stay ahead of the curve in a way that is sustainable for your organization and leads to innovative and long-term growth.

Talent Magnet has one goal:

We help our clients achieve their vision, mission, and strategic plans while creating a culture and employee experience that brings out the best in their people. We dive deep into what's working and what isn't in your organization and on your team so that everything in your business can operate at it's peak performance. 

At the individual level, our Talent Magnet Community membership offering is the best holistic approach to leadership development for members of your leadership team.

At the organizational level, the Talent Magnet Institute has a team of experts who can walk alongside your organization with our consulting services to create a healthy and vibrant culture where your organization and your people thrive!


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Janet B. Reid

Founding Partner and CEO | BRBS World, LLC

"The Talent Magnet Institute is the go-to place for outstanding actionable consulting. The expertise of the faculty is broad, and all are deeply experienced. Customer service is best described as a true business partnership."

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Dan Calonge

Head of Learning and Development at Cincinnati Bell

"We at Cincinnati Bell have had the opportunity to work with the Talent Magnet Institute and they have come though with excellent work. It’s always helpful to bounce ideas off of an industry expert, and their ideas and assistance have helped us better develop our people. They have access to a broad range of practitioners that can be called on to weigh in and share experiences, which is very valuable for any organization to tap into."

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