Executive Coach Specializing in Executive Performance and Team Development

Elaine Suess (PCC, CLTMC) has been a long-time trusted friend and advisor to TMI’s co-founders. Elaine focuses on helping others gain an appreciation for the life they lead and opportunities they are given. She brings a passion and desire for serving executives in their own development and to see a positive impact on the lives they lead. Elaine brings decades of senior leadership experience into those clients she serves and has coached countless leaders to elevate themselves and those around them.

Elaine is the president of Beyondbeing Executive and Leadership Coaching.

For over 20 years at General Motors and medical device manufacturer Hill-Rom Company, Elaine was a leader in multiple disciplines, including sales, merchandising, IT, strategic and operational product line management, and strategic website management, gaining valuable experience and understanding in business and leadership. In 2006, Elaine founded Beyondbeing to bring the culmination of her experiences and strengths to others.

Elaine is a professional certified coach and certified leadership and talent management coach. She is certified in assessment tools such as MBTI, EQ/EI and 360 instruments, and uses Gallup Strengths-Based Leadership, and other tools. 

We are honored to have Elaine Suess as a key team member and executive leader of the Talent Magnet Institute.

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