Executive Coach Specializing in Preventing and Overcoming Burnout 

Director of Content and Engagement for Talent Magnet Institute

Executive Coach

Elyse coaches high achievers who need to find a new balance in work, health, and life.

Elyse is an executive coach who is passionate about helping leaders develop sustainable health – both mentally and physically. As a trained scientist, a certified fitness coach and a business owner, she is uniquely qualified to help high-achievers think rightly about their obstacles and maintain a healthy mindset while hitting their goals.

Elyse has always been fascinated by biology and how the body miraculously maintains and rejuvenates health naturally in an increasingly unhealthy society. She studied biology, biochemistry, and molecular genetics with the intent of helping the world better understand heart disease. However, when research became more disease and drug focused, she left to find more holistic answers.
For the next 13 years Elyse worked as a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. During 9 of those years she owned a personal training studio, which provided first-hand experience of the stresses that come with being a business owner and leader.

Additionally, Elyse is a best-selling author and speaker. In 2010 she was the recipient of the Community Impact Business of the Year award presented by the Cincinnati Regional Chamber of Commerce and Women Excel for her dedication to women’s wellness and fitness through her Fit to Fight Ovarian Cancer Triathlon Festival in July, and her business Venus Fitness for Her. Her mission is to create massive ripples for good by working with people who want to up-level their own impact.

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