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Creating a culture where your people are aligned, feel valued, and enabled to bring and be at their best is up to you and your leadership. 


We define culture by the thousands and thousands of interactions your people have every day with your organization. Our solutions ensure you maximize these interactions, enhancing your overall performance as a team.


Ensuring that your organization's strategy is clear and understood has never been more important. We can guide you in aligning your purpose, mission, and core values with your strategic goals and vision. 

What content are our members discussing now?  

  • A plan to keep your organization focused during times of trouble
  • Effective furlough plans and layoff strategies
  • Communication plans that align with core values while you have to make uncomfortable and difficult decisions
  • Building pivot strategies to manage through a dramatic time of change
  • Developing of a crisis Strategic Plan that aligns with you overall corporate strategy
  • Communication strategies - NOW is the time to message who you are as a company to your people and customers. 
  • Support in developing creative resourcing plans for this crisis period relating to talent recruitment
  • Some organizations are having a surge of new employees to their workforce to manage through manufacturing of personal protection equipment, PPE, and essential goods. How do you handle this relating to on-boarding and safety? 
  • What is the training your organization needs to have to weather through this storm? 
  • What skills do our leaders need coaching on to be the leader our organization needs right now? 
  • Crisis communication plans
  • How do we align meaning of work to our people at this time? 
  • How do you maintain culture and organizational alignment during this time? 
  • Separation strategies to support employees and ensure you are creating ambassadors even during this difficult time. 

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What is Included? 

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What is Included? 

Quarterly Inner Circle Talent Magnet Executive Roundtables, (limited to 10 executives per roundtable), (total of 4 per year)


Six 60-minute Virtual Talent Magnet Mastermind coaching sessions, (one each quarter, plus two)


All content-- including webinars, masterclasses, and member-only content-- delivered to your inbox


The opportunity to invest in your people through membership discounts for 3 or more of your team members


Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS THE Virtual “Talent Magnet Mastermind” Coaching?

Virtual Talent Magnet Mastermind coaching is coaching focused on areas that make you and your organization a talent magnet.  Global leaders will convene to learn and discuss topics you struggle with the most, facilitated by experienced coaches who have been in your shoes. 

Together, you will have the power of a diverse collective, and be a part of an exclusive membership of leaders who are diving into the Becoming A Talent MagnetTM solutions. 

These Talent Magnet Mastermind coaching sessions will be virtual, over Zoom, with a faculty member who specializes in executive coaching.  These sessions will be structured and focused. There will be a live discussion on relevant topics. If you cannot attend live, you can submit questions and watch the recording at your convenience.  These discussions will be directed by the interests of the group to ensure that topics are timely.   


These sessions are group coaching sessions that are limited to 10 participants to keep the coaching specific and personal.

This opportunity is the highest level of virtual coaching.  Even though it is virtual, the connections you will make, the level of development, and expert facilitation will remain the highest quality. 


Masterclasses are focused on equipping you to be the leader you are called to be.

Our Becoming A Talent MagnetTM solutions are based on three pillars and seven focus areas:

Three pillars:

  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Strategy 

Seven focus areas - the gears that create Talent Magnets 

  • Attracting
  • Recruiting
  • On-boarding
  • Developing
  • Retaining
  • Building ambassadors


Additional topics include:

  • How to Build Board/CEO Relationships
  • Creating Nimble Teams That Pivot Quickly
  • Diversity: More Than Skin Deep 
  • Building High-Performance Teams
  • Your Why: How to Align Purpose, Vision and Core-Values
  • Workplace Equity
  • The Power of Community Engagement
  • Sustainable Leadership: Leading Without Burning Out
  • Building and Keeping Trust Across Your Organization
  • Communications That Stick and Inspire
  • Culture and Shifting Conversations
  • Let Go of Control and Achieve More
  • Talent and Organizational Development
  • Bringing Out the Best in Your People

Talent management is not simple; it requires constant attention.  As leaders, we must work to bring out the best in our people. Collectively, our talent magnet efforts will not only strengthen businesses, but communities and families as well.


Webinars and Masterclasses are one-time learning opportunities that explore timely talent topics in-depth.  These sessions will be conducted by specific faculty members who are subject matter experts. You will learn their unique insights about talent management and leadership issues. Each session will last about an hour.  They will be recorded and available to watch at your convenience.

Retaining Top Talent Is Not A Luxury.  It is a REQUIREMENT For Success In Business. 

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