Co-Founder and CEO, Talent Magnet Institute

President, Centennial, Inc. 

Mike Sipple Jr. is one of Talent Magnet Institute’s co-founders and the president of Centennial, which specializes in talent strategy and executive search. He is also the host of the Talent Magnet Institute Podcast. He has spent 20+ years investing in individual and organizational leaders. He has been a leader who is constantly learning as well as teaching and showing others how to lead well. He has a passion and desire for people and our world that many feel is contagious. He is a visionary who accepts and acknowledges the potential we all have to lead and love people well. 

Mike has extensive experience supporting forward-thinking and growth-oriented decision makers of family-owned businesses, privately held organizations, and private equity groups all across the world.  He partners with leaders and board members who have a strong desire to build highly effective leadership teams and healthy organizations to achieve their next chapter of success. He also believes that to become a true talent magnet you have to not only attract the best but also retain the best.

Leaders and companies utilize Mike’s expertise in succession planning, talent acquisition strategies, employment branding, community engagement and building high performing executive teams. Mike is sought after to speak to associations, peer groups, and organizations about how to attract and retain top talent.

Mike is very passionate about community engagement and sees it as a way to help the community as well as improve your organization. 

When you ask Sipple, Jr. what his ultimate goal is with Talent Magnet Institute he states, "Just to change the way the world defines leadership" (and he would let out a little #LetsGo #TogetherWeWill).

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