Leadership is hard, don't go at it alone.

Are you a leader looking for a safe place to learn, ask questions, and gain new perspectives from other success-driven leaders?

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Join a community to start elevating your people and organizational leadership TODAY.

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Strengthen Your Leadership Development

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Create A Healthy Corporate Culture

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Align Your People-Strategy With Business-Strategy

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Are you looking to fill the void of leadership loneliness?

Leadership can often be a lonely journey. You've made it to the top, but it seems that all the experience in the world still can't prepare you for how to navigate everything that is now in your hands.

  • You want to lead well, but there's not really a safe place to ask your questions.
  • You want to invest in your people more, but you don’t quite have the resources to do that.
  • You want your business to have an impact...not just reside, but you aren't quite sure how to build a legacy!

Imagine If...

➔ You could get answers to all of your unknowns.

➔ You could walk alongside and learn from other experienced leaders who have walked in your shoes before and want to offer their perspectives.

➔ You could create an authentically successful business while prioritizing the employee-experience.

➔ You could feel more organized and fulfilled at work and in life.

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A place for leaders who want to achieve more, become a Talent Magnet, and see a major change in their own personal and professional development. 

Introducing Your Talent Magnet Community!

where leaders learn and grow in holistic leadership

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Here's what you get with The Talent Magnet Community

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A Safe Place To Learn

This community provides a safe place for successful leaders to ask the hard questions.

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Relationship Training

Relationships can be hard, but we are here to help you navigate even the toughest relationships.

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New Perspectives

You will be among other leaders like you who can offer new perspectives to help you find the solutions you are looking for.

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Trusted Resources

We are a group of leadership experts who have created resources and curriculum that can be trusted to help you get unstuck.

What's Included:

  • Ongoing Holistic Leadership Trainings - $5500+ Value
    Your ongoing growth as a leader is what's going to support and serve your people best. These ongoing leadership trainings will help you to create an environment where your people can thrive.

  • Inner Circle Discussions - $7200 Value
    A safe place to learn, ask questions, and gain new perspectives from other success-driven leaders.

  • Tools & Resources - $2500 Value
    In a world that's ever changing, we are providing ongoing resources to help you constantly be taking actionable steps towards improving yourself as a leader and your organization.

  • VIP Community - (PRICELESS)
    You can't place a value on the opportunity to come alongside other leaders and grow together.

Of course that's not what we are actually charging...
I'm Ready! Sign Me Up!

Here’s a glimpse into the insights you'll learn and implement

The Talent Magnet Community is a safe place to learn, ask questions, and gain new perspectives from other success-driven leaders.

✓ Your leadership is the catalyst to creating a culture where your people are aligned, feel valued, and enabled to show up at their best.

✓ Being an ambassador for your people will help employees to become more confident and capable.

✓ Our solutions ensure you maximize a holistic leadership approach to help your PEOPLE be more successful, which will THEN make your business more successful.

✓ We will guide you in aligning your purpose, mission, and core values with your strategic goals and vision for your people and business.

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It's Time To Define The Next Phase In Your Career

Invest in your leadership education so you can better invest in your people. You can’t be successful in work or in life if you can’t be successful in relationships. 

I Want To Invest In My Leadership!

Get the expert systems that will help you become a Talent Magnet! Here's what you get:

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Talent Magnet Community Access

Engage with fellow Talent Magnet members and the Institute’s faculty in lively conversation and sharing of ideas via the Talent Magnet Community virtual discussion group. The community is similar to a forum for ideas and discussion.

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Talent Magnet VIP Community Access

In addition to the discussion community, members can join the VIP virtual discussion group area that provides an opportunity to engage more intimately with other VIP members and Institute faculty. With small group interactions, live Q&A after trainings, and opportunities for breakout rooms.

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Member Resource Library

Leverage the extensive expertise of the Institute’s faculty with access to the Member Resource Library.  Built by our faculty (and continually growing), the online library includes practical resource guides, tools, and templates across all areas of the Talent Magnet curriculum.

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Member VIP Resource Library

Join at the VIP level and open our Member Resource Library vault further offering exclusive access to additional content across the Talent Magnet curriculum. 

The VIP Resource Library is everything included in the resource library PLUS additional resources from guest speakers and events.

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Member Only Discounts

Talent Magnet members receive exclusive discounts on other Talent Magnet Institute (and Talent Magnet Institute partner) events and resources!

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“Live & In Focus” Webinars

Members are invited to attend our monthly “Live & In Focus” webinars hosted inside the Talent Magnet Community.  These 60 minute webinars focus on a specific topic from Talent Magnet Institute’s curriculum and are lead by the Institute’s faculty and other thought leaders.  Recordings are offered for those not able to attend live.

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Talent Magnet Leadership Chats

Plug into Talent Magnet Institute’s modern spin on “fireside chats” with Institute Founder and CEO, Mike Sipple Jr. and his guests. Every other week, Mike goes LIVE on our member platform to connect directly with our Elevate and Embrace members.  These topical 30 minute sessions will engage, challenge, and inspire.

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Executive Network Access

A truly unique benefit, our VIP members are able to engage 1:1 with Talent Magnet Institute Founders who are prepared to facilitate introductions to other leaders in their network.

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Inner Circle Discussions

Gathering together to discuss, create, question, challenge, think and grow is a powerful experience for all. Our inner circle discussions are designed in a collaborative format so we can experience transformation alongside other success-driven leaders. Most of these discussions will be done virtually with opportunities for in-person discussions in the future. Our content will be focused on elevating your leadership, deploying strategy effectively, and connecting with other leaders.

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Talent Magnet Intensives

We know you want experiences with a long-lasting impact that are also educational. The goal with our quarterly intensives is to equip you and ensure what we share is actionable to your leadership journey right away!

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Virtual Coaching

Personal, engaging, and focused coaching to help you achieve greatness in every aspect of Becoming A Talent MagnetTM

These are 60 minute 1:1 sessions with highly experienced leadership coaches ready to support you and your goals. 

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Exclusive Networking Dinners

Whether virtual dinners (which are now an actual experience) or in person, we believe that gathering small groups for a meal creates deep and engaging relationships. It is one more way we bring value to our members. 

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In-Person Conferences

We find conferences designed to help you achieve success in relationships, work, community and life, and we give you access! We want to be the bridge that let's you experience unique, powerful and engaging in-person conferences.

What Executive Leaders Are Saying...

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1 Year of Membership Provides

Advanced leadership training and support to help you lead more effectively and strengthen your overall impact.

Choose Your Membership Experience!



Top features

  • Access To The Talent Magnet Community
  • Members Resource Library 

Exclusive Annual Member Bonus

  • Two 60 minute 1:1 virtual Talent Magnet Coaching Sessions



Most Popular

  • Access The VIP Talent Magnet Community
  • VIP Members Resource Library 
  • "Live & In Focus" Webinars
  • Leadership Chats 
  • *Coming Soon Talent Magnet Certified

Exclusive Annual Member Bonus

  • Four 60 minute 1:1 virtual Talent Magnet Coaching Sessions over the year



Top features

  • Access The VIP Talent Magnet Community
  • VIP Members Resource Library 
  • "Live & In Focus" Webinars 
  • Leadership Chats
  • *Coming Soon Talent Magnet Certified
  • Exclusive access to our network of contacts
  • Talent Magnet Intensives
  • Inner Circle Discussions

Exclusive Annual Member Bonus

  • Six 60 minute 1:1 virtual Talent Magnet Coaching Sessions over the year
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Our Money Back Guarantee 

We believe in this program! The Talent Magnet Community is designed to give you exactly what you need to become a people-centric leader.

To make your decision to join even easier, we offer a 30-day "tried and applied" guarantee. Test drive the program for the next 30 days and see if it's a good fit for you. Log into the resource portal, test out the program, and start engaging in the members community. If the program is not helping you move forward in your life and business, reach out to us for a full refund. We want to make sure this is the right fit for you!

Still have questions?

Here are some common questions that people ask before joining our membership. Have more? Ask us!

Leadership is a journey... it's time to stop walking alone.

We want to walk with you as you learn to lead yourself well so that you can lead others. 

Join The Talent Magnet Community!
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